lloyd banks – i’m back 歌詞


i’m back

[mo money in the bank intro]
[dj whoo kid:] whooooooooooooooooooooooooo kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid! [coin drops]
[lloyd bank$:] whoo kid drop that sh-t! [echoes]

[starts off with the beat of juelz santana & cam’ron’s: “dipset (santana’s town) “]

i’m baaaaaack… [gunshot]

guess who’s the man this summer? (uh-huh!) – black and banana humma, (uh-huh!)
platinum, this man’s a stunna! (haah!) – who does it like this? [gun c-cks]
strapped with’ the hand of thunda. (yeah!) – and i demand a numba (yeah!)
packin’ the cannon unda (yeah!) [shot] – these n-gg-s like this! (whoo!)
holdin’ my block down, even when them cops ’round (uh-huh!)
they talk about the kid – even when i’m not ’round! (f-ck!)
that b-tch is not this pretty; (no!) – my n-gg-s got the city (yeah!)
that’s like the ‘pac in biggie, the hottest thing on tha blocks with’ 50. [shot] (oooh!)
you shouldn’t be a hero! (uh-uh!) – cause you could be a hero! (bling!)
bullets’ll sandwich you in, yo’ face’ll be a zero! [shot]
i know yo’ type, ‘sucka for love’ – and “used to cupid”!
you call it bein’ your own man! i call it: ‘super stupid! ‘ (stupid!)
she wan’ ball with’ the winners, she told me all of yo’ bidness,
how you treat all yo’ spenders, with diamonds and all yo’ dinners! (ha!)
yo’ n-gg-s wasn’t tough! – i got a couple of pictures! [blast] (back!)
you got ya cookies took! – play double dutch with tha b-tches! (yeah!)
even my grandma’ knows, (what?) – that i’m tha man with’ flows! (uh-huh!)
look at my hand it glows, (yeah!) way out in atlanta’s frooze.
and i’m demandin’ o’s! (uh-huh!) – they throw them hands in bows! (uh-huh!)
i’m watchin’ a “pacers” f-ckin’ them “indiana hoes”. (hoes!)
ho; don’t blame me, blame 50, he bought the coupes for me, (yup!)
i never love a b-tch! (no!) – reppin’ da snoop doggy. (yeah!)
i got them hammer’s boss, i’m the wrong man to cross [shot]
sh-ttin’ out cookies and milk – and i ain’t santa clause! – b-tch!

i’m back n-gg-!
lloyd bank$!
young buck!
tony yaaayo!

[interlude: the impostor]
‘ey, how you doin’?
this is the impostor, big p-ssy, tony soprano.
this is a shout-out to lloyd bank$…
the king of queens! [gunshot] [echoes]

- lloyd banks