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lloyd banks – lamborghini lloyd lyrics



[intro: {dj whoo kid}]
blue heffner! {whoooooo! }
the boywonder! {mo money… }
n-bod’ got alota name… {part 4! }
and now… [car tires squeal] {god-… ! }

[verse 1:]
you can call me {d-mn! } big truck bank$ – or lamborghini lloyd!
ferrari f-50 made me one rich boy! (uh!) (“aouh! “)
n-gg-z ain’t sayin’ nothin’ just alotta slick noise, (yeah!)
i got silencers [car tires squeal] for that (uh!) – them rubber grip toys. [shot] {whoooo! }
over 20 hoes that do what i say so, (yeah!)
fight ova me like them b-tches on the flava flav show. (“aouh! “)
i don’t smoke ’em up, this is major grade dro, (uh!)
the flows tight like bathing ape clothes. (whoooo!) {janet jack’! }
i’m in and out the i city got state to state shows, (uh-huh!)
just in case you wonderin’ if i’m a make the states know.
they tryin’ to lock a n-gg-s so the kid stay low,
indictments is the only thing the pigs pray fo’. {whooooo! }
i pop up in the vanguish the two doos yeah.
n-gg-! – it’s green white like a blue nose pit.
the shoes don’t fit! (uh!) – i got a few more hits,
that mean brand new houses and u-haul trips. {let’s go! }
and my mama’s so proud she could do 4 flips,
if you jeopardize that – you can rest in peace.
when h died, i felt it in my chest for weeks,
all i got is my word, my crew my vest and heats. [gunshot] {whooooo! }
so whatchu wanna do? (whatchu wanna do?) – i’m right in fronna you. (fronna you…)
i’ll make the ambulance pick up every onna you! {god-… }
then i’ll be back {d-mn! } next week yeah i’m comin’ through,
makin’ my way to the dance floor to do my 1 and 2. [car tires squeal] [shot] {let’s go! }
(“aouh! “) what it do? – you know me just chillin’.
thinkin’ ’bout what i’m a do after i sell 5 million. (“aouh! “)
the elevator stops at a very high buildin’. (yeah!)
let’s just say i’m smart! (smart!) at this playa art. (art!) {whoooooooooooooooo}
i heard all the talk but refused to play a part, (nah!) {kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid! }
in beefin’ with’ a n-gg- that was on “change of heart”. [shot]
i spun the wheel of fortune got the vanna white challenger. {haha! }
still on the stage with the hammer like gallager. [gunshot] {whoooo! }
i’m a hood n-gg-! got a hundred goons wild at ya, (uh!)
that’ll take ya head off – smooth as excalaber. [gunshot]
n-gg-, i ain’t ya ordinary i’m betta, {get back! }
kevlar sweater’ll keep a n-gg- togetha. (“aouh! “)
it’s still {come on! } mandatory that we see the chedda, (uh-huh!)
i’m grimey! i’m greasey a gt or betta… (“aouh! “)
whateva! – you could put the house on cris’, (uh-huh!)
that’s why ya b-tch wanna put her mouth on this. (uh!) {whooooooo! }

new year! [echoes]
i’m here! [echoes] (“aouh! “) {big ys! }
new money… [echoes]
dummy! [echoes] {pretty sha! } [gunshot] [beat stops]

- lloyd banks