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lloyd banks – new era lyrics


p dot l dot k!
as we continue on
with the 5 and better series
volume 4 on the way!
yea, anyday!
who wanna play?

uh, louis v tee’in, i’m skiing in european… (yea!)
p-ssy you ain’t seein’, i g ’em and put the key in (uh!)
am to pm, i’m tree’ing, louis with 3 in, movin’ a v in
korean or sour d’ing (whooo!)
my blood temp’ll give you a chill
so i don’t give a f-ck how they feel
never have, never will (will)
blue steel, quarter mil’, leather wheel (wheel)
crazy glue ya trap shut, never squeal (uh!)
bunch of disrespectful sh-t said until sh-t hit the fan
fans, i am no more than a man (man)
manslaughter in no order, and my flow water
aura way out of the era (uh!)
clever, invisible setter, sparkles on my sweater
herringbone stones, shorty give me dome then i dead her (yeah!)
the new jack years are full of old n-gg-s reminiscing
and the computer’s the new television (i’m cool)
and my swagger back in the day (day)
cause the new sh-t got f-ggoty ways (uh!)
feet kick you outta the throne, gravity waves
lips sink ships, confidentiality raised (yea!)
look around (round), it ain’t hard to tell my life is sweet
i get down (down), where n-gg-s chop ya head off if ya cheat
you’re a clown (clown), beatdowns, dead out on the street
and my sound (sound), shot down, heroine on the beat
no sleep, recession hit… bet i’m gon’ eat
64 chea, 7 on my feet, never know my peak (yeah!)
mary jane knock, i answer with open arms (h-llo?)
and every weekend’s a smoke-a-thon (ohhh!)
{money}, only thing i really been focused on
i left n-gg-s with nothin’, that’s really dope too long (sorry)
i’m reborn, haters don’t even get a whole song
one verse, one hearst, one burial… gone (gone)
sapphire as i laugh by ya (ha!), i’m that fly and my stash higher (what?)
than a crack buyer (yea!), vrooom… smoke up from the back tire (yea!)
you don’t talk on the phone, you duck the tap wire (yea!)
don’t f-ck with the tickin’ time bomb
getcha picture found on (log on)
my life’s the bomb, and sticky chron-chron
got the g, the mac with’ me… mr. don juan (juan juan)

- lloyd banks