lloyd banks – start it up (uk remix) 歌詞


“start it up (uk remix)”
(feat. swizz beatz, kanye west, ryan leslie, sway dasafo, giggs)

[kanye west]
what you gon do?
it’s good music and g-unit

[swizz beatz]
ladies and gentleman
you know they made cause cause cause i’m hood rich
you never ever seen good trick
you want a problem,
start it up (vroom vroom)
start it up (vroom vroom)
start it up (vroom vroom)
wait a minute

[lloyd banks]
big blue, cotton city shoe
cotton candy coupe
hard knock, orphan annie loop
off the stoop
play with me, see what the screamy do
my canary shoe,
high beems pointed right at you, peek-a-boo
benji paper made me hater-proof
all your thing reduce
menage a trois, purple haze and goose, got me loose
kick my way in and now i got the juice, gucci bubble boots
thousand kicks couple hundred boots gettin f-cking loot
my top down, i’m flashing on em
i’m p-ssing all them, pullover and hit the hazards on em
the ratchets on ’em, wanna pay my dues, now it’s back to ballin
the raps a boring dead man, i dip the casket for em
i’m back performing, i bag em
break their back, don’t call em
look down on em like dikembe, patrick, mourning
cash is pourin’
stunt stormin, go this out
camera phones capture everything that pictures don’t.

[swizz beatz]
you know they mad cause cause cause i’m hood rich
you never ever ever seen good trick
you want a problem,
start it up (vroom vroom)
start it up (vroom vroom)
start it up (vroom vroom)
wait a minute

sway going in but i’ma roll up my sleeves quick for the official remix
i’m no r’s but i know of those under if you need bricks
dorothy meets webay, meets ebay
follow me i can take you there in 3 clicks
a lot of internet gangsters but i don’t see clips
unless they’re on youtube, no nines, just 22:views
and comments removed to hide the naked truth
cause when it goes t-ts up, the b-tch in them comes out like cleavage
and them man are getting stripped, no secrets
my team and they see why we so wavy we make them seasick
the black steve rifkin, i am the chairman of the wooden stand
of anyone trying to take my seat quick
i’m on some canary wharf to wall street sh-t
no michael douglas but i’m on my md sh-t
if i don’t do the number’s i’ll just do the alphabet
i mean g-unit shizzle
f a dancefloor
man are hungry out here this is darfur
so force my hand and i’ll put together an armed force
riding with lloyds banks, ha, i’m such a dark horse
start it up, they don’t wanna start war
i studued up in hogwarts and i’m ready for the dark
when i link with giggs its not for walks in the park
its the return of the macks, we taking it all, call me mark morrison


you n-gg-s are f-cked, a couple million and up
on my youtube chilling with a spliff and a sl-t
tell her “look babe, gotta let me slip in the crotch”
italian chicks showing me that italy love
i’m moving kinda quickly cuz
got they hate my music and try and diss what it does
screaming f-ck the police and be dissing the judge
n-gg-s can’t touch me, i got that pr-ckly buzz
that bright bezzie on live tellie
gets me the half black and half white jezzie’s
i don’t fight friendly, four five semi’s
man’ll bruck shots someth’n like teddy
this my sh-t didn’t buy any
when i’m stepping on the stage hold the light steady
yeah, give a f-ck about your age you can die twenty


[kanye west]
we keep these g’s in an alloy safe
and stash the weed in an altoids case
they say good things come to those who wait
so i’m gon be at least an hour late
i’m so fresh b-tch i should be arrested
new tody chester with my nuts on your chest b-tch
she said “hey ‘ye”
i said “yes b-tch”
d-mn i’m only asking you a question
i met this milf at the allstar getting action
a cougar with more rings than phil jackson
told her beauty is why god invented eyeb-lls
and her booty is why god invented my b-lls
i’m a rockstar, huh, start it up
start it up, huh, start it up
so popular you should get a shot of us
don’t take shots at us that is only obvious
the first alb-m i vomited, the second i colonic’d it
aint n-body f-cking with me, i plutonic’d it
bet i got some slippers on, bet go honour it
these aint even real clothes homie i’m pyjama rich
banks told me homie go switch the style up
these b-tches on me homie only to arouse us
told her i aint paying tonite i’m only browsing
she pulled her blouse up, said “it’s free”, i said wowzer!


- lloyd banks