logik – reflections 歌詞


pain … its all a seem to write about
but its how im living and i really gotta get it out
me and music cl!cked from a very young age
it was the only thing that understood the sh-t in my brain
my sister died when i was five it really hit me hard
its 12 years on and im still sittin here scarred
got bullied out of school and i needed mental help
the bullys made me depressed all because my sisters death
and the one true mate that stuck by me through it all
he died when i was 15 its 3 years now scott
he p-ssed on and all im left with is a picture
i look at it daily no lie bro a miss ya
you made me see alot sence pointed out the fakes
if it wasn’t for you i wouldn’t recognize my own face
im not lookin for sympathy i just got sh-t to tell
im tryina make the booth cry and let out how ive felt,

- logik