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lone ninja – equilibrium lyrics


excerpt from film “legend” (1985):
there is a balance to the universe
struggle to maintain that balance is the stuff of legends

verse 1:
still there when road darkens
k!ll with spears when the foes marching
feeling fear from your whole squadron
no pardons, real severe and i’m cold_hearted
ninja’s clearly the most monstrous
throats are slit in the coliseum
pose harsh risk and demolish heathens
boxers bleeding
got the stoppage
i’m bobbing and weaving
props and homage or there’s carnage and grieving
it’s sorrow for weaklings
there’s pain and anguish
i’m macho when seiging
your reign is anquished
the blade is brandished
enraged when you take advantage
you’re slain by the danger’s damage
remain a savage
my wrath is blind
maim then vanish in callous times
i’m keen, hid and wear the veil
i dream big and dare to fail

strength of mind and body
direction of energy
harmony with the universe
premonition of danger
knowing the thoughts of others
mastery of time and sp_ce
controlling the elements of nature

verse 2:
i’m where bravado and terror’s from
tommorrow may never come
a war chant and follow the nearest drum
you perish from the fists when it pounds y’all
the jealous ones will wish for my downfall
keep at the helm and steer my own ship
creep in the realm prepared, i won’t slip
woeful attack
lone will lash out
go to the mat, foes will tap out
hang on after others let go
stand strong
have the hunger tenfold
plunder and roam
scourge the traitors
the hunter is cold: a terminator
foes is threatened
spies are shuddering
the soul is strengthened with trials and suffering
you don’t know, i think you should watch then
where hope grows, miracles blossom

- lone ninja