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mac backwardz – o.y.d.k freestyle lyrics


grew up in the sky blue
no one ever thought bout come ups
got nuff shows hollering the phone line
no drams man i been about all summer
f_cking up sets no rubber
heard dem man wanna get brave, oh bruddah
let me show you we do it round my bits
take your boys go back to the gutter
from c.o.v full of nutters
i get wheel ups they’re full of stutters
i heard the dj dropped their tune one time
made the whole crowd there done a runner
swear down that’s peak yeah
i’m a creature
i had nuff man holla for a feature
couple name brands wanna holla for my deets
so i can get brand new garms on the free
but i’m running ahead let’s skip back to the features
i’ll mop up the beat and take man to the cleaners
and anybody thinking that they wanna holla mac up on the track
and then the double time will leave em in a seizure
an anybody ever wanna level then i tell em they gone step up to the devil see my bruddah it get real like that
i see ’em running they ain’t gunning they jump and ducking for cover
and i punish all them muppets how it feel like that? how it feel like that?
like a chick in your bed then you peel right back
and you pump full force, and you here no noise, i don’t know about that, did she squeal like that?
does it feel like that?
but these dumbbell claims they’re holding no weight
told them i don’t play for low wage
so them lot get blocked like nose from cocaine, ey
over them, over that, ey
hold me back, hold me back, ey
watch the stars i’m the man, ey
zodiac, zodiac, ey
catch the flash, camera flash, ey
photograph, photograph, ey
swear they can’t hold a track, nay
told them man just relax, ey
been a few months since man had a bender
got my sights locked on the prize with a sensor
me, flow and highgrade jumped on a stage 1st time and we shut down coombe weekender
know about dat tho? man get the gas flow
only get views when it comes with a bank roll
f_ck a man’s cash flow
if you got the talent then bruddah come on and double your money like where’s your back bone
do it on your jack jones
where the f_ck did mac go?
stuck up in a black hole, f_ck it man i’m back home
making noise with blakseed
shout out bruddah rafts tho
everybody know that we be coming for their bands no
everybody know that we be f_cking up the game a little different
i come and k!ll it i k!ll it, a chronicle with the ridd_ck
phenomenal? you’re a gimmick
i’m dropping ’em like a habit
i’m proper horrible init?
i heard man wanna roll up on me, gave them a moment of peace (silence)
and a grand ain’t coming for free, when you grew up on the streets, (timeless)
and we still dip off from the police, no bacon for the grease
i’ll remind em of me when they say they’re the best up in c.o.v shh
oh you didn’t know?
yeah i’ll give em bam, bam, like i’m bigelow
hitting their misses and i be sid when i’m vicious
and i be ric with the women, giving ’em flair then i hit the road, woo!
are you really bad? no you’re a kitty cat bro
and you know that i pity that, dough better gimme dat
know that we’re screaming out, what? woah

- mac backwardz