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mac dre – don’t snitch lyrics


[verse 1: mac dre]
man i’m threw f-ckin around
you n-gg-s keep on u gon be duckin sum rounds,
i rush the mound, b-tch hit me with a pitch he a, he a snitch n he walk with a switch.
he in a band that sing for the cops,
him and his mans they cleanin up shop,
undercover, conture promoter, rick shroter tryin to turn sombody over,
put that et finger up, eat stulee, don’t tattle tale the number one rulee
you the jumpers the boys the people
slipped in the game sellin toys to people i avoid people don’t ask me sh-t, the only law i break is in public grip
my mouth zipped i plead the fifth and n-gg-z like you get pushed off a cliff.

don’t ask me sh-t
i tell man
i don’t tell
u can send me to jail man
send me to jail

[verse 2: j diggs]
i’m on to u boy,
u used to be the man
til i crossed un the court room sittin on the stand, got to waivin ya hand n pointin ya finger
all n the mike like sum kind of rap singa
i seen u, u told, n now u got to live with big ol b-tch u prolli said bigs did it
f-ck you, f-ck wut u gettin to, f-ck wut u goin threw, n f-ck with u went threw
consider this a warning to u case out rapping, the streets get ugly when a drive by happen
you rap n-gg-s out here starvin for fame, and ya’ll n-gg-s act like it’s all na game,
cause n-gg-s n the streets wanna blast this b-tch, n when it happen dun ask me sh-t

[chrous x4]

[verse 3: mac dre]
u can line em up n put 12 na box n find out ya boy workin with the cops,
doing flipflops, the roller, rolling over,
the tootsie roller, scared to do it over
it’s october and he can’t be gone til november
so he’s given up the gang, every d-mn member
and everythang he remember, he tellin
he get outta jail free, ain’t no bailin
he’s no felon, no misdemeanor
he’s got a target melon, and a et finger
quit peepin at my beemer
tryin to watch me

[chrous: repeat until fade]

- mac dre