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mac dre – there is a song for you lyrics


(feat. mac mall, psd, dubee)

i see bruises nails needles guns and drugs
i s-i see bruises nails needles guns and drugs
there is a song for you
there is a song for you
there is a song for you
th-th-th-th-th-th there is there is

oooooh oooh [continues in background]

they say benzes roll beamers jet
and caddies keep on dippin
well i must be trippin
i’m in a old-school pie flippin
sellin them high gyppin
tendin to my pimpin

times slippin
i’m on my way
not enough hours in the day
to be dre
i’m el presidente
i run tings
tow gun things
and never run from things
brave heart
but i’m not mel gibson
i’m dope like c-ke
that was cooked in the kitchen

dabbin revolution
stabbin an i’m losein
mini me laptops
mini beats that knock
lots a hemp
lobster not shrimp
big prawns maybe
i pimps on baby
always shoppin
no more hall moppin
h-lla nikes with gucci
h-lla nights with coochie

i tell baby play casper
be friendly ghost on em
after you host on em
she a team player
i play coach on em
like a dubee in a joint
i play roach on em
won’t smoke on em
if it ain’t dollalala-lala lotsa notes on em
c status
won’t holla till it’s g status
i’m cutthoat
three c savage
whatever me want
me have it
insanley lavish
your trash might be cash
gimme that b-tch
like lil mama in labor
i push p-ss
thaz real talk alwayz real talk cause-cause

rather f-ckin cut
one g
oh no b-tch wasn’t enough
and to this day
won’t love won’t get payed an
and for you here song like a fix [? ]

now i could talk a b-tch brain
outta her noggin
and slide across thin ice
like tobaggans
[? ] be a fool
so we get that smobbin
b-tch quit sobbin
and get a trick d-ck throbbin
man you could be a sidekick
like batman an robin
an allstar
pimp sh-t the beat got her mobbin
her head don’t stop
like she keep on noddin
and all i do is collect and sell the product
i knock a baywatch b-tch
dipped in prada
and still check all of it
every dollar
and i don’t even call
but they hear me holla
and yea that b-tch train will run game on scolla
get it from your father
don’t even bother
a b-tch suck his over load
i won’t stop her
b-tch nonstop hold up about it
an every piece a dough that b-tch touch i got it

oooh ooooh oooooooh ooooooooooooh [fade]

- mac dre