madonna – i’ll remember 歌詞


mmmm, mmmm
say good-bye to not knowing when
the truth in my whole life began
say good-bye to not knowing how to cry
you taught me that

[chorus (first time subst-tute “strength” for “love” and “saved” for “changed”):]

and i’ll remember the love that you gave me
now that i’m standing on my own
i’ll remember the way that you changed me
i’ll remember

inside i was a child
that could not mend a broken wing
outside i looked for a way
to teach my heart to sing


i learned to let go of the illusion that we can possess
i learned to let go, i travel in stillness
and i’ll remember happiness
i’ll remember (i’ll remember)
mmmmm… (i’ll remember)

(i’ll remember)

no i’ve never been afraid to cry
now i finally have a reason why
i’ll remember (i’ll remember)
[repeat 3 times, subst-tuting “and” for “now” the second and third times]

- madonna