maino – never gon’ stop 歌詞


never gon’ stop

yeah, feel me
ye yeah uh
yeah… yeah… yeah

i guess this what they call fame
i gotta stand tall came from the gutta [?]
i ain’t never gon stop now
no, i ain’t never gon stop now
i’m a victim of the game
and only god knows that i’m tryna maintain
but i’m never gon stop now
no i’m never gon stop now
and it’s crazy but i’m still tryna win

[verse 1]
your trap is a success, the money the stress
the ups the downs, the jewelry on my neck
the hate, the love, the tattoos on my flash
the club, the drug, the liquor on my breath
got haters at my shows, the groupies in my room
i hate to be with lames, i’m comfortable with goons
tryna be the greatest, but still i feel regretful
people say i made it, but how am my successful
my friends is in a grave, my homies in the feds
you could feel my pain and he still can’t feel his legs
the critics say i flop but my single sold a million
my baby mama flippin say this game made me different
tell me am i trippin’, too much goose sippin’
wakin up in tellies, too many different women
look at how i’m living
the parties the drinking
i’m high, i’m low, oh no i’m sinking


[verse 2]
the cars, the clothes, the friends, the foes
my blood, my sweat, my tears, my soul
the truth, the lies, the songs,
the rhymes, i’m happy, i’m sad, what happend, my life
i’m caught up in this world
i feel me fallin deeper, ain’t see my son in weeks
ain’t see my family neither
i think i’m loosing paitnece, ’cause people say i’m changing
my enemies is plotin, they can’t believe i’m famous
am i really winnin, ’cause i can take a loses
another girl is pregnant, that’s one more abortion
catch me ’cause i’m fallin, i hear fame callin
but tell me why i’m feelin’ like my lifes in the toilet
tell me who to trust, i don’t know who’s with me
i don’t know if it’s a fan or that man is tryna kill me
thinking to myself it was easier before i made it
got in the game, and it all got complicated


[verse 3]
the joy, the pain, the hood, the game
the stage, the lights, they yelling my name
tryna bear these cold nights, i don’t understand like
god bless my cousin please, why he take his own life
why i’m feeling like, it was simpler when we was poor
maybe i’m a alcoholic, lately i’ve been drinking more
lately i’ve been feeling stressed, what has gotten into me
d-mn what a life, this gone be the death of me


- maino