man overboard – the real you 歌詞


this faded picture shows that time has p-ssed by far to fast.
i should have known.
turn up the radio, roll down the windows. drive me home slow.
where were all the things you stand behind
when you needed someone to stand behind?
i feel like i’m done here.
you never failed to glow i never failed to show
you say the word and i’ll move faster.
i knew from the get-go you were in it to win it,
but now i lay here a loser and no ones winning.
and you were never too late, too slow to start,
to take advantage of a boy with a broken heart
who kept trying hard.
in reverie i see the real you.
come home tonight and we can make something out of my life.
come home tonight. maybe i’ll find you somewhere.

- man overboard