mann – fmov 歌詞



[verse 1: mann]
you ever heard the phrase
“the first shall be last, the last shall be first”?
thats just the way it works
living on this earth, for twenty long years
just now realizing the reason i’m here
whats the word, huh?
is it money? is it power?
papers or blunts?
roll one, twist up, problems ignore them
it can get exhausting
i’ve been working non stop, i get sick often
my moms miss me, and my girl supports me but…
she be tripping, because she don’t get to see me much
my dad hits me up, more than ever now
family coming around, that was never ’round
was 19, balling with the big dogs
raw talented kid with big hit songs
antic-p-ted, what you’ve been waiting on
a lot to say and this project what i’mma say it on
freshman on varsity

[hook: mann]
never taking no days off
just waiting for my plane to take off (i feel like)
man i can’t wait til it pays of
til then i’m just playing in play off’s (i feel like)
varsity, i’m on varsity i’m on varsity (i feel like)
i’m repping for our city, for our city, for our city (i feel like)
a freshmann on varsity (i feel like)
a freshmann on varsity (i feel like)
a freshmann on var…

[verse 2: mann]
in the zone, mixed feeling about being on
is it worth what comes with it, is this really what i want
do i want to be at home or do i want to be on the road
in all these studios, chilling with these groupie hoes
who truly knows?
i do, that answer is “oh yump”
how is that not what a west la n-gg- don’t want?
don’t front, i would be crazy not to
try to understand please baby i got you
its not you, i’m just not super human
i’m still trying to figure out what i’m doing
this is so new to me baby
i need you to promise to stay true to me baby
i got you
the young man doing the impossible
making sure my future is prosperous and profitable
i’m sorry if i’m putting all of my problems on you
this is just some of the sh-t that i be going through


[verse 3: mann]
this ain’t no typical rapper sh-t
don’t feel bad for him, i ain’t get famous on accident
i asked for this, and don’t regret asking for it
i got an expensive habit need a lot of cash to support it
but i would only be giving half of the story
if i didn’t mention what i go through half of the time
i consider this an art, took a while mastering mine
i get so wrapped up being mann its hard to get back to dijon, uh
forgetting to let my momma know when my plane landed
i’m so d-mn independent and she can’t stand it
growing up leaving her alone momma i ain’t plan this
but i’m working to get you everything you wanted on this planet
just know thats the goal momma
restored honor to my supposed to be role models
but they wasn’t to my cousins who lost your momma
big cousin gone put all ya’ll through college, i promise
and thats why


[outro talking: mann]
mann, a name given to me because of the characteristics i had as a kid
for as long as i can remember i’ve been told i carry myself like i’ve been here before
or i was told i was ahead of my time, sh-t i was just being me
walking in my purpose, acknowledging that i was here for a reason
some say i’m just hard working, some say they see it in me before i even open my mouth to speak.
whatever it is, i thank god for it everyday. west

- mann