marcus the bum – wave 歌詞


did i ever cross your mind?
is the bum inside your brain?
y’all copy eachother
i swear y’all should be ashamed
you ask about that band
i bet they’ll have nothing to say
they was feeling jordans
but i guess they feelings changed
all these n-ggas weak
i swear they just like 7 days
oh you think vans is lit
i bought mine in the seventh grade
dont talk about my kicks
you used to laugh all in my face
but now them things done changed
because b-tch im the motherf-ckin wave!

im the wave x7
b-tch n-gga im the motherf-ckin wave

verse 1:
you got metallica tee’s?
iron maiden on your team?
name me one song from they band
sheep n-ggas make me scream
pull up on you 9 deep
watch a n-gga make you bleed
anime and crouch poses
that’s on every n-gga feed
free xxx
cause he on every b-tches feed
everybody sip lean
everybody smoke weed
everybody got supreme
everybody shirts bleached
everybody cut jeans
everybody cept me
catch me thuggin in an ecko shirt
skechers on looking clean
rockin one gold chain
some kicks that no one ever seen
and i ain’t do this sh-t alone
setting trends with smb
cause they all fresh as me
we just tryna’ get this cream

i am not feeling you n-ggas
pacific sunwear is k!lling you n-ggas
zumiez ain’t cuttin brotha’
i didn’t mean to hurt your feelings my n-gga
you hate skateboarding n-gga
but thrasher is what your friends wearing n-gga
you ain’t like nautica until lil yachty did
that’s the reason that you did it
ballin hard no scrimmage
all you n-ggas is the same
cause yall all tryna be the same different
yall n-ggas really wiggin
thats why i gotta keep my distance
cause you n-ggas actin lame
i won’t let it rub off
cause b-tch im the motherf-ckin wave


verse 2
ogg is what i go by n-gga
we been jammin ugly god
but you ain’t know that did you?
tyler been a brother figure
makonnen been thuggin with ya’
we been tryna’ put y’all on
whh wouldn’t i be offended?


- marcus the bum