max stalling – probably corsicana 歌詞


that’s one for the books boys here’s your pay
i wish it could be more but then i always feel that way
yeah, the club booked the hotel and it’s supposed to be a decent place

no, me i’m gonna take a little drive
so why don’t y’all take brian’s truck and find you some all night dive
get yourself some breakfast and i’ll be along

good morning guys i’ve been studying the maps
it looks like about 6 hours with the pit stops and gas
we’d better hurry and get rolling if we don’t want to have to rush

me, no h-ll, you know i’m just fine
i just had a few things rolling through my mind
say, did you hear the one about the horse that walks into this bar

probably corsicana
probably corsicana

they say fatigue makes cowards of us all
i can tell you feeling cowardly it ain’t no fun at all
as a matter of fact it’s tiring and pretty soon it’s all just feeding back on itself

one of these days i swear to god it’s going to happen
right in the middle of a deal somebody’s gonna snap and
lay down their stuff and walk off into the night mumbling, stumbling, mumbling something like

screw this noise, boys i’m bound for tulsa
got a woman over yonder just fills me with wonder
and i’m gonna go and see her and i’ll meet you guys at skinny’s outside of abilene on sat-rday

probably corsicana
probably corsicana

why does it always have to be the way it goes
you’re dying of thirst or drinking from a fire hose
i guess it’s like love or religion in that it’s about keeping faith

you’re holding on to something that you can’t see
and despite your common sense you continue to hold on and cling
to this thing that can lead you off to glory or some empty sp-ce

probably corsicana
probably corsicana

- max stalling