mel t. eyes – letters 歌詞


“now you’re on your own again”
you keep telling yourself
“you’ll never see her again”
that’s why you don’t belong here”

now i’m on my own again
i keep telling myself
i’ll never see her again
that’s why i don’t belong here

i need to get out and cry off the pain
but i’m back with a smile in my face
sometimes life is hard, but i’m moving on
live free, die young

entered a new chapter in life
living in disguise
accepted by myself
remaining for two years

accepted by myself
for two years

do i really feel this comfort?
everyone has left me
what do i really, really stand for?
i need to break free

and i tried to get out

i kept fighting each day at home
i’m leaving with 22 years on my own
start a new life without burdens
i’m never falling again

for three years

- mel t eyes