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mercyme – something about you lyrics


where, where do i begin?
how do i say what’s on my heart with aper and a pen?
how, how can i describe
the god of all the universe and make it rhyme?
i just wonder if it’s worth
painting you with so few words
oh, with so few words

still there’s something about you
that keeps me in pursuit of who you are
i will spend my days finding ways to praise
the glory and the grace of who you are

why, why do i even try?
if i could speak the tongue of every man i’m still tongue-tied
what can i say about you
when everything i have won’t do
oh, it will not do

as long as life runs through my veins
i will live to praise your name
and if a hundred years i live
i won’t even scratch, i won’t even scratch the surface

- mercyme