mike goodrick – staying west 歌詞


the sun in my rearview it’s getting cold outside
nothing but clear view and this cloudy sky
everything i’ve ever known and everything i have
i’m leaving in the mirror back there this is where i’m at

i’m leaving all my friends behind i promise that i’ll write
and i won’t forget you
i’ll make it on my own alone
but there’s still no place like home

now i’m settled down there’s a problem here you see
i’ve got no family no friends and no colleagues
no one to call my own and no ones here to call on me
where’s the love in this city, selfishness is all i see
this house these things around me there’s nothing here i need

when there’s no one here beside me
i call on you, and there you are right behind me
i just say your name, you come running
no matter how far way, your not far away

- mike goodrick