mike stud – in this life 歌詞


in this life

[verse 1: mike stud]
i’m staring at my mac book, i got them digital dreams
cause we all want material things
and i, got a flow you don’t typically see
clever, lyrically with the syllable schemes
and it seems, this is what i’m destined to be
cause now, i’m the dude that they’re spending to see
gee, look at me kicking it into high gear
now i got more buzz than light year
and you heard me i said it
and if i’m wrong i’ll admit it like pett-tte
get it? flow sick i need a medic
and i deserve a little credit like debit
life’s a gamble, so i bet it
i gotta keep shooting for the goal like redd-ck
and if i were to die this second
i won’t regret sh-t when i get to heaven

i want everything
(i want it all)
in this life
i want everything
(uh huh)
in this life
i want

[verse 2: mike stud]
mike stud, they’re saying i’m the best out
people following me like i’m the best route
i’m running this sh-t, didn’t even stretch out
always go the right way so i’m never left out
yeah, and i’m gonna be a legend
it’s not where i’m at homie, it’s where i’m headed
you never really know when sh-t’s gonna change up
traveling with the microphone ain’t the same bruh
all-american to the injure reserve
really good tough break that i didn’t deserve
but f-ck it, i’m in dc now, doing me now, look at me now
bouncing back like a rebound
(yeah) now i’m back in the headlines
dreaming big b-tch, but it ain’t bedtime
nah homie this my reality
close to the bigs, triple a no battery

i want everything
(this sh-t’s crazy)
in this life
(it’s mike stud)
i want everything
(loggy, aye, what’s good homie, not much man i’m chillen, you good?, uh huh)
in this life
(east to the west, lets go)
i want

[verse 3: loggy]
now i keep staring at my mac book, digital dreams
and me and mike can we define what you think physical means? (yeah)
couple have given up, a few more couldn’t take it
it’s tough to love your life when you’re too wasted to embrace it
and i learned to come to terms with all my victories and losses
kept my story clean with all that listerine and flosses (come on)
i guess it’s necessary to discuss
the fact i never dreamed of doing this when growing up
and never have your dreams turn from platinum to gold
i just knew that big things came from back in the shows
i worked hard, don’t love it, f-ck it who does
you can say [?] because i don’t have a job
as i sit here and think, i’m feeling the heat
from the coastline, gold shine hitting my cheek
and in no time, oh my, everything’s green
i’m allowed to just relax and think of simpler things
and yeah, i’m happy here and this is kind of neat
cause it’s my job to steer, i’m in the driver’s seat
and every worry in the world just seems to stay away
i got a secret life to live and i’m not gonna waste a day

i’ll want everything
(i want it all)
in this life
i’ll want everything
(uh huh)
in this life
i want everything
in this life
i want everything
in this life
i want everything

- mike stud