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moodie black – i’m the one to love lyrics


i’m the one to love, i am enraged, i am all things, ahhh
the more i watch the more i creep out
bad for us bad for me
i can’t sleep right now im liable
this aint girl like am i god right
feel like, it’s been a minute
when they tell grind or die
life support sometimes fight for it blamed for it
it don’t even matter when the noise isnt poppin
you gon hang me you gon tout em like its normal you gon have em
you can manage hypin chicken this is madness they gon eat it
there so happy giving patreon a dollar while you stabbin im all
im not really tryna have it
im an older woman liking me cause people always talking i don’t know
paid for it in the real or paranoid i’ve been on the evidence hardly ever metaphor came for everything
never intervene but i elevate somewhere keeping quiet in the corner now
been the longest slumber there has ever been
like a bout a decade in the mouth over veterans ah
what im all about is bad tact when your listening
pulp in the tweeter bits static blood glitchening
b_tches this surreal
so real bad for you
i was like…i manifested
sick earth no h_rns
our world on fire no mirrors no wires
go back can’t forage we do like posts

- moodie black