motionless in white – burned at both ends 歌詞


there’s nothing left now that doesn’t come from suffering
victims of time, were defined by our history
forever lost, and now i don’t know who the f-ck i have become
where has my life gone?

i’m holding on to a life ill never get back
it’s too hard to let go
i’m on the right train but the wrong tracks
trying not to derail

nothing is like it was before
i know not who i am anymore
chasing something that’s behind me
when will i be set free?

broken promises left to mend
burning the candle at both ends
no light to find my way back home
but i don’t even know where “home” is anymore

the sinking ship has washed ash-r-
so what is left of this life that’s in front of me?
is there a future when you only see in memories?
when every loss, every beauty just remind you of the past
how can you just let go?

this misery has got to end
what’s done is done
the past is a strange place
look at me now, a fool with everything, but yet he’s still so hollow
look at us now, no lights just struggling to find our way back home

- motionless in white