ms krazie – pinche vida (fucken life) 歌詞


“pinche vida (f-cken life)”

shouldn’t have let you go pero f-ck the tears on my pillow i hate to realize that without u my life has turn to evil i can’t remember whens the last time that i gave a f-ck mentally has changed but we only kno wusup and here i’m sayin actin like it never happened cause this is the only way to keep on going without stoppin in this rappn and in this going here and there i amount to nothing at the end u left alone you can’t believe this sh-t is happenin but then again you brought it all upon urself so u dwell a piece of h-ll so what’s become of your neglect'””show your cara and now u r homeboy another victim in this transa

[coro: x2]
pinche vida soy parte del consumo suenos en ves de realidad se an vuelto a humo perdida sin consiencia abajo inframendo es lo q vivo andando si ningun pinche rumbo

tu vidas wicked all u think about is getting f-cked up and when u wake up is like hold up bout not givin a f-ck so u continue on your way and keep on doin the same thing it’s lo mismo ese chale another street another alley another mente full of smoke another homie takes a toke and forgets bout the drama knowin that time is broke and his dreams are pesadillas overdose on pastillas while the homies keep playn his sh-t q no unos se mueren en las esquinas con las metametafinas and the rest of u ok instead b-mpin to my rimas ain’t nada going on u see a smile upon this cara y te digo everythings ok en serio it ain’t nada


mas homies en the room mas morphin to consume trip down on the fact there ain’t nada u can do so u just sit back and do what u wana do highs to heavy from that sh-t i gave to u ain’t that some jale stuck in pinche cali cruse down to mexico city and party all day pues pa un rato con justo con mi vato and get into sum crazy sh-t siempre es lo mismo todo el pinche dia en agonia y tu no miras porq de alguen necetarias pero no quieres nada don’t need anybody ogandote en alcol and sayn f-ck everybody


- ms krazie