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nas – the foulness lyrics


desert storm
firm biz

[dj clue:]
that’s right… that’s right

what the deal is?

[dj clue:]

i can take it back to blocks
or all gods that used to slap box
they after your chain
q-trains, playin the last stop
but regardless of rain
a mad hot
it neva mattered
life just p-ssy and cable, plus they labeled me savage
for the love of it
till my death, they stay on sum other sh-t
pops shoot, second nut, inherited his stuborness
skyies are grayer, my whole clique despise the mayor
with dreams to excel, politicing amongst the wisest players
stay in the cut, forever ganja-ed up
private affairs
cause pride in my fairs, news years to hanukkah
the streets a death trap
greet chickens to where i rest at
chiba-trickin, now it’s 3 positions, some even blessed dat
it’s only right though
i like em light, thin, and tight… cyco
bony nails, ponytails, dressed in white gold
her -ss bet my life on the dice roll
you know the steela
who rightfully, should neva bite the hand that feed ya

react like what, clean cut
act up, royal as king tut
diamond cut teeth, b what
i know some crews who go through cars like shoes
some n-gg-z make the news, wild as animals, who saber tools on the a-venues
and v-waves, say sh-t from my pops stays, the dese days
and pj’s, i concentrate on how the weed strays
unlike the thoughts of many, unfortunately
a lot of friends will enter pensive force to hit me
iceberg, eyes burnt
flights to pittsburgh with this bird
got a room sign on the door, not to disturb, we twist herb
listen to rumors that this b-tch heard, some of them absurb
some made me say ‘word? ‘
dozed off, clothes off
hopin to make moves to the p-wn shop and drive slow north
make it home and get these fo-fos off
word up

[nas: speaking]
gotta get this sh-t right, nature
need the paper, desert storm everywhere
the firm is everywhere what?
bring it to the tables like this major boy
bring it to the tables

stay on some gat sh-t, peep the firm top draft pick
collapsed on the opposition, soldiers is captured
god explain it, we rollers want this dough and ganja
visions of holdin toast i post bail join an arraignment
24, still have the same sh-t, another customer
posing as a decoy, frontin kinda muscular
i buy & bust, tustle my way up out the iron cuffs
narcs is jumpin out the sky, knowing i supply the stuff
they f-ckin sheisty, identify me by my nikes
dice one against the grain, ice chain, nice in a price b
extortionist, constantly tossed by crooked officers
they swarmed with vultures, caught em hoppin outta carc-sses
n-gg-z is folders, phony potential beads is stolen
can’t even speak right plus keep cracks beneath ya scr-t-m
seek advice in the streets light weed rightously on stolen land
escapin out of state snakes to home a sam
foreva roll with fam, no rest it’s just my destiny
effortlessly finesse the recipe
til my death day forever fresh
stay frontin pushin g.s. three’s
who checkin me? i called a playa who said this, ‘d
f-ck a ref, toe to toe son we hold it down successfully’.

- nas