nate dogg – keep it real 歌詞


“keep it real”
(feat. fabolous, icarus, lil’ mo)

[intro: fabolous]
yeah, recognize and realize
this is serious pimpin goin on
the game ain’t ready, for nate d-o-double-g
lil’ m-o, fabolous
we ’bout to pimp the d-mn thing
like it’s never been pimped before, you feel me?
yeah, uhh
from the westside, to the eastside
to the dirty south, to the midwest
c’mon, let’s ride, peep game
yell at ’em mo!

[chorus: lil’ mo (nate dogg)]
i’m gon’ treat this game like a hoe
and this trick better have my money fo’ sho’
i’m a player, gangster, pimp and a rolling stone
and i ain’t gonna let it go, that’s why
(i’m gon’ treat this game like one of my pros)
(wanna be number one so anything goes)
(but my tactics they just can’t be exposed)
(can’t be exposed)

yeah yeah uhh yeah uhh yeah ghetto
this kid was enforced by strict parents
don’t flow for nuttin less than a cross and sick earrings
a porsche with sick steering
never mind the cost to get clearance
for me, if you ask what i cost an appearance
i’m a pimp, of course your chick’s sharin
i got lawyers, who never lost in fixed hearings
i need seven figure offers to sign
come out your pockets like your needs will be officer blinds
i send the street family and your offer’s for mine
with blocks, that look like police officer conn
islip’s a author of mine, once these slugs is in your head
doctors won’t be able, to get ’em off of your mind
how they gon’ take me off of my grind
these yellow and white stones glowin somethin awful in mine
even if they don’t understand the flow, they understand the dough
tell ’em i said they don’t get a hundred grand then go!


uh-huh, uhh, icarus, bushwick, gmg, yo
nate got all the chickenheads from medina on the weiner
cause i hide the nina, inside the beamer
i’ma treat this game like a hoe on hunt’s point
they don’t have my dough i’ma snipe ’em gunpoint
my name icarus, game ridiculous
get in your house quicker than st. nicklaus
me rockin nate like we need b-tches
come through lookin evil, three 6’s
gmg, king of the remixes
and music pah is broke we fix it
and we equipped with (what) heat that if we squeeze
it’ll bring police from three districts
n.y. to l.a. we get chicks
that smoke haze and drink ih liquid
y’all know the flows i be sick with
ica the don, trick i be pimpin

[lil’ mo]
cause i got this game, right where i want it
and it better have my money
or it’s gonna get ugly
yes it’s gonna get ugly, that’s why

[nate dogg]
the game is to be sold, not told
the tattletale will always be broke
you live and learn, just live by the code
if you, don’t already know
that’s what it takes now
raise the stakes now
don’t be fake now
keep it real (keep it real)

[outro: nate dogg (lil’ mo)]
i’m gon’ treat this game (you better have my money)
like i beat this game (you better have my money)
won’t leave this game (i’m a player…)

- nate dogg