nick khronic – fearless 歌詞


this sh-t sound gooder than a b-tch

death to the rest
b-tch tried to break me you got yourself vexed
i’m in the dot or la with connects
rock all this polo so shorty run neck
i’m finna bust and go get me a check
i don’t do calls less i’m finna collect
swerving the whip while i’m squeezing her breast
swear i was lost now i’m making some sense

[hook – x2]
hold up
poured up
so gone
b-tch i’m still here
b-tch i k!ll here

i don’t fear fear
yuh, let’s get it
let’s get it

uh, f-ck it
f-ck her
run it back, run it back like
f-ck her

[verse 2]
aye yuh aye yuh
dolphin dive-in dip-in ammo in her p-ssy
all these n-gg-s b-tches always back to stabbing
imma get it how i want it let it happen
baby take it like a f-cking xanax
when i’m all up in it
swear she never panic
minute song then it’s
young n-gg- trapping
i don’t f-ck with nothing but my motherf-cking self
i don’t really rock them jeans i need to cop a gucci belt
heard they want that good sh-t so imma f-cking give em h-ll

yuh, yuh
that’s what it is my n-gg-?
f-ck it, ouuu
f-ck her yuh
f-ck it, ouuu
f-ck her yuh
f-ck it, ouuu
f-ck her yuh
hit it like
pipe it up
yuh aye yuh b-tch
get to that money my n-gg- (x4)
run that sh-t one time n-gg- one time

[hook – x2]

- nick khronic