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odd future wolf gang kill them all – bubble gum lyrics


“bubble gum”

[verse 1: hodgy]
save all your letters and drop your tomatoes
hodgy beats, where he? looking for a large payroll
not dimes, nickels, pennies, pesos
i’m tryna stack chips n-gg-, peelin’ my potatoes
if i’m not the biggest boss that you’ve see thus far
take a look at the exquisite luxury cars
big ponts being stuck into a cuban cigar
promethazine on the leaf only to get bizarre
we don’t go to the club n-gg-, we post at the bar
have conversation with girls that don’t know who we are
with diamonds in our ears, looking like cube stars
i live a matrix life and we cruise hard

[hook: casey]
and i swear i’m a fiend, dope fiend, i’m an addict
crack music going hard, odd future got a bag it
yeah, make it stretch like bubble gum
eh, all the little females like yummy yum

[verse 2: tyler]
now ugly girls get out, the light skinned girls about
without a doubt you n-gg-s don’t amount to sh-t, no need to count
now bring the ruler out like rick the ruler paid in full
i’m cooler than your cooler, got these hoes, now where’s my garden tool
f-ck ’em all, all them f-ck with the future
i back with thrash hard backyard beach cruiser, look
you n-gg-s can’t contain the thoughts that’s flowin’ in my brain
it synthesizes skits oh neutron from steering paper plane
and the white girls love me and the haters shove me
and push me until i beat the p-ssy up like it was ugly
and that’s without the loot, n-gg-s take the time to tune
the diamond dolla’s, b-tch i’m complex like einstein’s rubix cube
look, i’m the truth, now stop daring me
n-gg-s kill yourself and decide to go back to therapy
and my right is right, my right is left, my left is wrong
now b-tches throw your f-cking bras off while i’ll be writin’ my songs


[verse 3: hodgy]
gimme a couple commas while i abreviate
the war between the pen and paper i aleviate
alexander is hodgy, cause i can be the great
as long as i have a hundred mill’ in the cheese steak
in a big breifcase like i won a sweepstakes
odd future got money out the -ss for g’s sakes
i feel like i can fly without wings on my back
this is crack with me, but this crack ain’t whack
i got n-gg-s hooked, yeah, the stadium packed
and i flip that like a gymnasium mat
his grind time, and i’m making it stretch
why get less for more when you can get more for less
pure for less, down, five three 18 thousand impression
if you comprehend what i recommend press send
if you comprehend what i recommend, odd future


- odd future wolf gang kill them all