odd future wolf gang kill them all – up 歌詞



[verse 1: tyler]
the supreme tee is kinda dingy
p-ss the f-cking puffer n-gg- stingy with the usher, let it burn
skate session with my n-gg-s
on a cloud, where’s my inhaler, i can’t even breath
i don’t smoke weed
but i’m on a cloud high enough to give me a nose bleed
say farewell to the brain cells, neutrons can smell us
my n-gg-s keep enough green to get a bush jealous
roll tighty, the joint righty, go buy a label
and busters don’t get the zimper in chris righty, alrighty
or maybe a swisher, i begin to kiss her
keep all the arms and limbs in a large bin
my n-gg-s keep mary jane like a f-cking tarzan
in the f-ckin toilet where my bars been
they been the sh-t since riley figured out she really likes dark men
domo hitting bowls, nether size of cold
rolling a whole nother blunt the size of a troll
davon on paroll, so if the highway patrol
sees us rolling to 7-11 to get a arizona
and some donuts, he’ll be in a hole, but were not gona let it happen
im not talking music when i say were the best at wrapping
the kush, c-ke brittleing, and mushroom caps in my system, um

[verse 2: hodgy]
i break number 2 pencils cause i write so strong
tyler rolling up a stick so when it lights, so long
br-ss monkey, clarinet, ten drop in the gong
gas mask, vaporizer, tranquilize you with the bong
imagine gas and laxing, puff p-ssing past tense
future kush, cool tour, poke your arms blue or
dream, smoke white like vanilla bean ice cream
besides of, mary jane and me make a nice team
pause, aw you getting to fat b-tch
much is gaining is weight is, f-cking automatic
can’t fit into the plus size of that sack’s fifth
she get high, get down on hot dogs and pick up the cat b-tch
the powder is packed in the straw, sammy claim he like chowder
nostrils are allowed to scream white power
overdose in a quince then detox, she rocks
got em sweating like they inhaling on she cops
and we the drug, and we the drug, and we the drug
b-tch i’m high as f-ck, just let it sing to you

[verse 3: domo]
i stay in the sky so there’s no way you can get fly as me
n-gg-s wish that some point in theyre life they will get high as me
never though, got ’em going through the roof with h-lla smoke
with towels under the door hoping no one outside smell the dro
f-ck it, i’m blazieing up, bad b-tch craving dust
so i p-ssed it to her with last in juicey before waking up
strong dank leave your main b-tches with throat aches
one of em half bakeing, half dressed cause her clothes stank
rolling paper skills, it’s the time i showcase
so rush down, b-tches want a star beat like old babes
where divon at? cause he can zieir too
big cam blowing, you can even call lyonal
tyler dog, hit it once for the game
give it to hodgy beats then dish it off to the brain
my eyes heavy, someone give me a orange juice
louie v shades so my thoughts don’t support you
thoughts decreases, hungry bowls on my torso
paper plate or paper plane, can i please aboard you, you, you
uh, ayo vyron, light that one

kush, c-ke, x, mushroom
i’m high as f-ck

[verse 4: tyler]
i’m atheist, so i let the blunt bless her
higher then a fat n-gg-r b-tch blood pressure
on the dresser is the kush compressor
that four cents of bags of fluorescent flower pedals
take a hit of this sh-t, inviting some
b-tches over to the crib, take a sniff, feeling numb
baby girl, this is love, mixed with c-ke
and the eighty proof is in the pudding, so is a pint of c-m
this is fun, don’t you even try to run
get you high, get you drunk, oh wait, your not even real
this is fake, snow white is in my nasal
i don’t even think i’m able, the shimmy p-ssed the table
without tripping on cables, me and travis crying
earl is probably dying, sedrick licking walls
and all of us tripping b-lls, hodgy beats in a trance
i’m in a submissive stance, i’m not f-cking playing
when i say call the ambulance, sh-t

call the f-cking ambulance
i can’t feel me, call the.. i can’t f-cking breath
i’m not f-cking.. this isn’t.. what the f-ck is this he..
yo call the ambulance, my heart is beating too fast
i’m bout to.. open a f-cking window

- odd future wolf gang kill them all