outkast – boi 歌詞


talkin’ ’bout hangin out with the d-bois

you know you got a d-boi if you got somebody
front you some, be like havin’ two daddies
one time my homebody fronted my an 8-ball at 3 o’clock
at 4: 30 he wanted the money back

it’s rough bein’ on that thang man
how you gonna front me somebody done fronted you
he ain’t no real hustla
the dude’s shootin at both of us
he ain’t gave you a quarter probably
tellin y’all we comin’ up

a real d-boi know you gotta get your own work
you don’t get high on your own supply
till later on that night
i gotta go drop off about thirty keys…

car keys

- outkast