pleasure p – feel the rush 歌詞


“feel the rush”

say ladiesss!! you got to feel the rush ay [x2]

[verse 1]
you’re lying out on the couch
kissin me from head to toe.
you breathin hard like
your oxygen aint cuttin low.
i grab my bare d-ck and
and in my skin we feelin good.
im lickin round your nipple
d-ck harder than some wood.
i started sucking on your bellyb-tton
with some ice.
say ohhh yea
baby girl i know your feeling nice.

feel the rush
feel the rush
when lovin you and me.
we feeling good
like we trippin off that ecstacy. [x2]

[verse 2]
you gotta
feel the rush
from off one touch.
give me one kiss
got my d-ck standin up.
if you don’t wanna do it all night
you outta luck.
i wanna make love, have s-x,
and to f-ck.
and we can do it all night
without the lights
and if it’s tight
don’t worry i’ll make it right.
it’s like we floatin
off that ecstacy
high as a kite.
and i don’t eat p-ssy girl
but tonight i might.
i wanna hit you from the front
and behind.
and we can do it anywhere
wateva’s on your mind.
just sit back and recline
it’s my time to shine.
make you c-m first girl
before i get mine.
you need to
let me know
what’s your fantasy
and i’ll fulfill
every need
that you plan to see.
it’s alright if i aint yo
man to be.
but i promise girl keep it between
you and me.
you need to…

[verse 3]
say no mo playing tongue
i’ll end up playin wit yo cl-t.
you scream my name
say marcus!
please give me d-ck.
i don’t wanna rush
baby girl let’s move it slow.
we hittin foreplay
as we walk through the door.
oohh baby
oohh baby
oohh baby
got me feelin good.
say feel the rush
feel the rush
comin from my wood.

- pleasure p