plvxid – presence (prod. the pourist) 歌詞


[intro: raz fresco]
-clears throat-
bakers club
it’s pablo uh

[verse 1: raz fresco]
a-yo deal with so much sometimes i need to relax
imagine if we lived a thousand years at a slower pace

watching flowers grow and rain would fall like tears
watch the clouds float across the sky ? disappear

the buildings like concrete trees and cars like blood that flow through the veins of the streets i hear sounds like words i can recognize the pain in the beats

memories activated every push of the key its seven notes on the scale of the sea they rather me thinking bout scaling the d then scaling a building

my album feel like first cl-ss seats when you hear it young one the one reason that they fearing

but the people online share it
offline n-ggas listen to it get awareness
inst-tutionalized i’m finished
all my n-ggas simba we just scarred cause our parents got scars too reckless

[chorus: plvxid]
real n-gga since day 1 and i’m the same 1
trill n-gga since day 2 don’t make me play you
bill n-gga since day 3 y’all n-ggas k!ll me
and 4 n-ggas in the back seat homie we so deep
you in the presence of a f-cking real n-gga, yeah (repeat)

[verse 2: plvxid]
smell it in the air that puffmatic send a major shock to any n-gga giving me static

run for cover cause a youngin’ wreaking havoc upon these weak mc’s who swear they be getting next to me cause lyrically

n-gga i’m the next to be you get a e for effort if these n-ggs testing me cause it’s the microphone checka

the boom bap resurrecta’ here to resurrect ya read the script and get the lecture don’t wanna test a neo while inside the matrix

nothing super fancy it’s all just another day in the life of plvxid feeling fantastic and everybody know i stay spitting acid

sucka rappers getting trashed when i step on the mic gripping it tight within my possession c-ck it back like lethal weapons i take my aim then shoot you n-ggas know its plvxid everytime i slay the booth one


- plvxid