protest the hero – heretics & killers 歌詞


they called me the man with the blood of christ honesty
but tonight (tonight we’ll sleep as killers)
i drink with heathens and our, our finest blasphemies
(as we break the cryptic, as we break the cryptic)

in wine there’s truth but in silence there’s surrender
a screaming for the silence in stunned suspicious terror
built a temple in my life and used god to seal the pillars
after twenty years of fighting young heretics and killers

i watch my temple fall to pieces
at the first signs of oncoming weather
fell to my knees like
jesus in the cave,
jesus in the cave,
jesus in the cave,
i knew i would die but my lips could only say;
i’m not your son, so why have you forsaken me?

there’s a hole in my heart but it just makes me unholy
crucified that night and i walked away with alter-egos
like the prison priest who preaches his dead and buried gospel

with my faith in ruins my duty still breathes strong
i’m a parrot in a cage just singing prayers to belong
to a textbook of my crying, lying, dying history;
a textbook of my crying, lying, dying history
a textbook of my crying
a textbook of my lying
a textbook of my dying
a textbook of my history

- protest the hero