rebelution – comfort zone 歌詞


comfort zone

elevate yourself to the next plateau
not trying to make sense of it all, just go
the mind state to life, n-body knows but me
when i get there i swear i’m home

it’s the place i know, i’m in my comfort zone
it’s the place i go, i’m in my comfort zone

oh yeah i finally found the place
everything is going, nothing ever regulates
i’ve got a peace of mind for the music and pace
and life is good when i’m feeling this way

even if a sad time comes, i’ll remain protected
if i try real hard, i’ll regain perspective
if i look in a straight line and never look back
i’ll be working on the next track

nothing but love, all around
never forget, life is short to be down
i’m in the mood, and i’m feeling it now
right now right now

well i’ll be patient if i have to
but right now it’s like open up the gates
i’m feeling good, see the times gone by
in the right state of mind, getting late

and now that i can see what’s mine,
what i can do, in a short span of time
and i can share with the world, with a fine
message and a vibe
we’ll all be feeling alright

- rebelution