replacements – only if we must (demo) 歌詞


you learn from the past
well i reminisce
you look to the future
i see maybe at best
a kiss for good luck
save it for an honest joe
it’s too late to worry
i guess i’ll just go

so forgive me
and maybe
we won’t turn to rust
only if we must
only if we must

saints never preach
and angels don’t fly
down by the beach
where the seabirds die

i asked you not to breathe
you let out a sigh
i asked you not to breathe
that’s for you to decide

so forgive me
if need be
forget about us
only if we must

angels wait under reach (?)
for the time run
i let out a sigh
if i reminisce
then you’re the past
i maybe at best
and all (???)

forgive me
and if need be
i will turn to dust
forget me if you must
only if you must
if you must

- replacements