rick ross – high definition 歌詞


high definition

[verse 1:]
i can talk about the bodies, i could tell you ’bout the killing
duct taping n-gg-s in the name of drug dealin’
big body benzes while the b-tch n-gg-s starve
turtleneck mercedes blowin’ smoke up out the top
time to talk about the money, i can tell you bout a profit
ocean front spot moving n-gg-s out the projects
diamonds on my neck call it the ghetto’s guillotine
f-ckin’ with them jewelers n-gg- lit up like a screen, hd
look at me ballin’ i’m talkin’ high definition
f-ckin’ up six digits, boy that’s just my definition
n-gg-s gotta get murked but i’m just minding my business
bought three range rovers dolo, so f-ck expedition
on the road to the riches until i’m paid in full
and the lord is my witness, i got a ak to pull
these n-gg-s full of sh-t, my n-gg-s moving bricks
i could front you fifty, but you gotta move ’em quick, my moolah thick

went and got me a choppa to put it right in ya face
better blow out your brains before you give me a case
got the forty by my d-ck i keep on p-ssin’ on the hammer
when they talkin’ slick i double back with that banana
high definition i’m stacking money to the ceiling
f-ck my whole feelings
look here, it’s time to make a killin
got a hundred silent n-gg-s and they fiending for a million
high definition b-tches, my life a motion picture

[verse 2:]
i could talk about the b-tches, i could tell you ’bout the bricks
pull up in the bentley i could pop up in the six
helicopter rides i can sit it on the club
sound of the propeller had my young b-tch busting nuts
n-gg-s wanna crack jokes just to get close to me
hope you know that i’m strapped like i supposed to be
put a number on your helmet like it’s notre dame
5 grand’ll get you whacked, won’t even know your name
road to the riches until i’m paid in full
and the lord is my witness we making major moves
god forgives and i don’t, i got it tatted in my skin
i’m going straight to h-ll that’s if ballin’ is a sin
crucifix on my neck i pray it never melt
pacquiao purse, boy i took another belt
take a seat, i’m undefeated in this art of war
rest in peace to the p-ss-es, it’s time to scar some more


- rick ross