robbie nevil – wot’s it to ya 歌詞


wasn’t it you
i begged to stay
wasn’t it you
who just laughed in my face
maybe it’s true
i’m not your kind
the kind you leave behind

and wasn’t it you
all dressed in red
clutchin’ your suitcase
never mind what you said
suddenly you
comin’ round again
and you want to know how
i’ve been

wot’s it to you
wot’s it to you
you don’t care for me
or do you forget
wot’s it to ya
i see through ya
you only want something
that you can’t get

didn’t i try
all day long
didn’t i try
when all hope was gone
didn’t i cry
didn’t i walk the floor
no cry, no more

didn’t i wait
all concerned
wishin’ and prayin’
your love would return
now isn’t it her
who i can’t resist
and now you’re wonderin’
who she is

repeat chorus

- robbie nevil