rōnin – addicttttttttttttttd 歌詞


[verse 1]

drugged out when will i ever learn
bugged out when will ever learn
cold sweats like when will i ever learn
fan at full blast half naked do you feel the burn
drugs k!ll n-ggas
but a pill feels so d-mn good
make me forget the troubles in the hood
mother telling me i never should
i barely feel high now
adding extra for the fry now
it’s happened so why should i lie now
if it went further mother could’ve said bye now
staring at a tv no electric connection
hallucinations cause the funniest interventions
to be away from family was never the intention
when mother found out it was apprehension
while i lied a while it was about depression

[verse 2]

i’m scared of suspension in another dimension
but lately sanity has been out of retention
they got me feeling better than before
i forgot about these wh0r-s
nothing concerns me but getting more
more feeling of euphoria
lately i seen people acting like sauria
i’ve been so hot dead weight turns into scoria
detoxing feeling like i got ch0r-a
rearranging the day if i had phantasmagoria
oh my lord he just
still haven’t f-cked with some dust
these b-tches don’t give me l-st
just getting this paper like a trust
gotta stop shaking a bunch
stopped f-cking with such n such
ain’t the type to vilify
my ascension has p-ssed the sky
thinking like this made my mother cry
thinking like who am i really
the only thing i’m good at is getting fried
i’m very punct to the point
ya theories been debunked
bars got you burnt get some ointment
i snap like a bone before the joint
i’m thinking about my metamorphosis
staying in my sh-ll so i can become somethin marvelous
considered being a grunt but i’m adding more doses
had friends that just ended up on the ground in cold poses

- ronin