rooster – to die for 歌詞


how can it hurt
when i feel no pain
how can it heal
if i look the same

i’ve been searching all my mornings
for the last breath of a dream
are you drowning or just waving
‘cos im tearing at the seams

i wanna live
and i wanna breath
always thought you’d be the one to set me free
but i can forgive
‘cos you make me believe in something more
now i only want to live if i can find
find somebody to die for
find somebody to die for

how can you lose
if its not a game
how can you love
if you’re never going to change



gonna find my way
through this maze of my desire
come what may bitter love or wasted time
you might say
i’m chasing shadows in my mind
but there’s a light that guides my way to all i live for
somebody to die for


- rooster