rupaul – responsitrannity 歌詞



if i had a dime every time they said (girl), i think i’d have a million
but it wasn’t mine it belonged to them, a negative opinion

on my own, i had to learn it (learn it, learn it) on the radio oh, oh oh
heard a voice, yes i heard it (heard it, heard it) on the radio oh, oh oh

(it said) it’s your responsi-trannity, don’t forget don’t forget (get who you are)
yes, it’s true, true for all of you, we are all stars (we are all stars)

internet, video, television, stereo
what you are is what you know
heard it on the radio

when i close my eyes, voices in my head, sound more appealing
constantly remind me of what he said, he said “don’t stop believing”

in the middle of the night, in the middle of a dream, i woke up to the radio
and the message was loud, and the message was clear
don’t be a victim of what you don’t know

cause if the truth means something, it’s all or nothing
tell me what i need to know

everything you are, on the radio
everything you know, on the radio

- rupaul