sadist sa – candice 歌詞


hit me with another lie
when you say that i’m the apple of your eye
if i ever make you cry
it’s tears of joy that you can’t deny
i just wanna see you smile
when your mom is walking you down the aisle
smiling so hard like i can’t stop
feeling like i hit the jackpot
groomsmen dressed in navy blue
bridesmaids wishing they were you
it’s your big day, skies very blue
i see greatness with no limitation
pure gold, no imitation
see your ex whose an irritation
how did he get an invitation?
priest looking down his bible
and i’m staring. you’re an eyеful
wash away all of my sins
ready for the bliss this brings
priest talking vеry nice things
best friends giving us rings
you’re my confidant and a whole spouse
yeah, i wrote all of my vows
you made a home out of my house
i’ll give your fam, couple more cows
your mother has become my idol
she raised queens, that is vital
i know her cos i see her through your smile
through your talent and it’s worthwhile
i hold your hand and i linger
slide a ring through your finger
fill me up. i’m a grey chalice
priests says, “do you take candice
to be your lawfully wedded wife.”
i do, man i said it right
long as i got you by my side
then he says, “you may kiss the bride.”
the whole crowds eyes open wide
i get close and i feel alive
our lips touch and its magical
your lips are so sensual
i’m ecstatic that you married me
i’m motivated like i’m gary vee
smiles colonize rick jade
so nice is the dj
tears drown both bontles eyes
cos part of her just realized
her little sis, is now all grown
don’t forget to always call home
you passionate and you don’t hesitate
when you do ballad, you very great
i wanna chill with you and meditate
let’s do it until we can levitate
and i ain’t tryna ever lose this
we both like joyner lucas
netflix and chill all day
you been my crush since always
god is smiling, that’s a fun fact
as we drive deep into the sunset
god is smiling, that’s a fun fact
as we drive deep into the sunset

- sadist sa