sanctus real – the face of love 歌詞


i’ve seen your face on stained gl-ss, in colored lights
in pictures of you looking to the sky
you’ve been portrayed a thousand different ways
but my heart can see you better than my eyes
’cause it’s love that paints the portrait of your life

the face of love
the face of love
you look more like love every day

i’ve read your words in the pages of your life
and i’ve imagined what you were like
i may not know the shape of your face
but i can feel your heart changing mine
and your love still proves that you’re alive


you are the face that changed the whole world
no one too lost for you to love
no one too low for you to serve
so give us the grace to change the world
no one too lost for me to love
no one too low for me to serve

let us see… let us be your face


- sanctus real