skylar gudasz – rider 歌詞


you ask me to be candid
as you comb your errant hair
well what, i want to whisper
if my true voice is despair
or i’ve got too good at drinking
or i’ve told untowardly tales
or i’ve hung too close the shimmering
of your mirror on the stairs

well i’m a free rider, i’m as free as they come
and i’ll ride on free ’til the day is done
i am the hourglass where the road greets the sky
and the trees line up to wave good night

i rode your motorcycle
i recall each turn we took
your back against my body
your waist inside the crook
of my arm, the only anchor
oh the steel, the wheels
on the altar of the pavement
where my blood signed the deal

i’m a free rider, i’m as mean as they come
but i sing real sweet when the night birds come
i am the hourglass, i am the seeking sigh
the trees lined up, the words you couldn’t find

- skylar gudasz