stephen kellogg the sixers – the america song 歌詞


i live in america and here is how it lies
underneath my pillow are plans that got p-ssed by
she said it’d be all right if i had to walk away
and that the greatest view was from the edge,
it had always been that way
i’m becoming beautiful,
and it’s so much harder than i thought
it only feels like losing now,
i guess i’ll understand someday
as she opens up her pain becomes serene

if i could slip this vanity that’s how i’d like to be
as i’m staring at myself,
as i’m staring at the earth
it seems so unfamiliar the way that things once were
if i could be alone, if i could be with you
i’d stop appointing blame, even though it’s true
even though i’ve said it, it feels like losing anyway
i sometimes have regretted it but i never ran away
if you’re becoming beautiful,
it’s gonna be so much harder than you’ll know
and if you feel like you’re losing now,
i guess we’ll understand some day

- stephen kellogg the sixers