suicidal angels – vomit on the cross 歌詞


visions from below
darkened shadows of the past
haunted screams of vengeance
behold the night comes
rising from the forgotten graves
no more rest in peace
judgement day is near
pay homage to the beast
fighting to stand against the horrifying call
take a final breath before your jesus’ fall
bow to the priests, convict your soul in torment
attack against humanity, soon you’ll end up dead

blessed pure altar of impurity
frozen breath of the undead
master gifts me immortality
enlighten my way once again

decapitating the sl-ts, filthy followers of the preacher
slaughtering the youngest baptized in the name of god
incapable you priest, stand before the eyes of the killer
vomiting upon the cross, your weakness is revealed
cross the borders of brutality seeking hopeless creatures
under a bl–dy, sharpened blade death comes from above
full moon guide through the night all the strange figures
searching, hunting, killing, souls are fed with blood

- suicidal angels