summer dying – the clenching dawn of man 歌詞


resist temptation – life’s a struggle and then you die
resist temptation – crossed my heart then hoped to die
resist temptation…

shoot it up, life’s crown
been down for far too long
24 hours of pain-spent regret – resist temptation
the morning after i won’t forget – more lamentation
i have the will to refuse the temptation
mourn over the deaths of the millions and billions
tearing down walls, i’m breaking the mold
years of rejections, one thousand stories to be told

i have the will, i have the strength to rise above it all
i’ll reign down on them
the more i try to see inside your pathetic life…
all you needed was a crutch to survive

hard to say you’re gone – wasting your life away
hard to say you’re gone – feeding your life astray
hard to say you’re gone – wasted away
hard to say you’re gone…

something’s wrong, torn and far too gone
dreams are made of these
dreams are only a lie
burnt and raw
jaws are clenching down on me
jaws are clenching down

clenching of dawn of man – down
clenching them down on me – down
as i drift further away to nothing

- summer dying