sunday drivers – when i can’t sleep 歌詞


there’s nothing you can do for me
there’s nothing i can do for free
you always say you wanna die
you’ve got no world enough to hide
and i wonder what you do
when you are alone in your room
and i wonder how it feels
to be alone in the streets.

panic’s coming back tonight
and i’m afraid, i can’t deny
i have remembered names and tales
i’ve heard a noise under the bed
and i wonder if you sleep
i can only hear you breathe
and i wonder if it’s gone
or remain here till i’m old.

i’ve never felt this pain before
i’ve never been so cold
the sun comes through the window now
over the trees, and i can’t sleep

i have a look i have no choice
i told you i’m a common boy
i wear this face, i am this pale
a reason more for being insane
and i wonder what you do
sleeping with this sort of fool
and don’t wonder what i do
when i’m alone in my room

- sunday drivers