swollen members – fire 歌詞



[mad child]
m starin in a mirror but mostly i laugh
i’m lookin at the picture of a sociopath
hope to get first, now hopefully last
dope rap, i’m known for doin dope in the past
like floatin down the river on a opium boat
but i’m a wild animal i go for the throat
i’m a big bad wolf with a big black glock
and some real dark thoughts yellin, “open the door!”
i punch people in the face comin down the staircase
wander down the hall with the can of bear mace
ay! i’ve been a killer since the wu-tang clan
personality is colorful like toucan sam
i’m a crazy cat, sylvester d-mn
i got two big guns yosemite sam
i used to work birds like tweety
speedy, gonzales livin in a palace
tripped and fell down the rabbit hole and met alice
5 years later now i’m back for the challenge
still rip up shows like tasmanian devil
if some punk jump up i’m blastin my heavy metal
and i still live in van’ but i’m movin soon
all my homies on the streets f-ckin loonie tunes
but i’ll be back, back and forth with no error
enforcin terror in a porsche carrera
through vancouver to los angeles archangels
dark strangers, blacks and caucasians
(man we crack skulls, make deep lacerations
crack a red bull and drag ’em back to my bas-m-nt)

[chorus: mad child]
we fly through the air like iron man
crack you in the head with a fryin pan
can’t f-ck with my team, we are iron clad
i’m on fire man, call the fireman
whether crawlin up the wall like spider-man
or lyin on the floor poppin vitamins
yup, real hip-hop we supplyin fans
we on fire man, call the fireman

all right, i keep my knife in the black leather sheath
real sharp, blade (dagger mouth), (armed to the teeth)
i can’t draw but i’m raw when i’m drawn to the beat
it’s like saw part 1, i’ll make you saw off your feet
what the f-ck is defeat? i’m undefeated like a shoe store
runway, one way street, take a detour
robot, c-3p0, r2-d2
plastic bag over your face hard to breathe through
preview attract and download the alb-m
x marks the spot like my first name was malcolm
make you sing the blues like a prison in folsom
spit a burnin ring of fire, watch the flames engulf em
my theory very logical but we use protools
f-ck with us you’ll be a dead man, a corpse in the soundbooth
and ain’t n-body hear you, close the door make it soundproof
my pattern very cl-ssical like herringbone and houndstooth
icp, r.e.p., bright evil clown suit
ice cold water in a bottle when i drowned you
beat side, homicide unit try to find you
burnin sound turn around my dude’s right behind you


- swollen members