swollen members – pressure 歌詞



you can see me on the top you can see when we drop
you can meet me on the block, we’ll stop and talk
we do not get thrown we don’t stop
whether or not we up on top, we still rock
you can see me back on top you can see me when we stop
you can feel it when we rock, we got sh-t locked
we do not get cold we feel hot whether or not we up on top, we still rock

i’m a stun gun, pills ’til my tongues numb
i stay home don’t ask where i come from
conquer from beneath i sparkle when i speak
this bug me on the in the inside f-ck it i’m a geek
a lovely individual hug me because i’m miserable
this wizardry is dismal drugs make me invisible
i’ve risen from my physical frame you can’t touch me
top boy that rock but it still got ugly

dusty the country roads take me home to the place that i belong
lost skeleton bones, locked in the closet deep family secrets
discover this recovery my brothers in sequence
ever had to dance with the devil in pale moonlight
snakes in the gr-ss but the scales don’t move right
fight when you need to bite when you have to
run no never stand ground then we smash


virtuoso piano solo play mozart
vocabulary colorful like feathers of a peac-ck
operating theatre put your head upon a butchers block
rise from my own grave eyes nuclear holocaust
astronauts t-minus arc of the covenant
my part spreading sick art that starts on this continent
confidence ensures there’s no formidable adversaries
a savage land and a band of terrible mercenaries
program your lives like the wives of stepford
voice remains immortal and survives on record
hannibal lecter pour myself a gl-ss of chianti
this is my divine comedy the finest since dante
cape scr-pes the floor dark prince the impaler
the order of the dragon prevail no failure
slain all the vain overcame with my sabre
maintain and let the blood reign explain my behavior


it goes…cracked halo h-rns on my helmet
little doll crawl in cherry red velvet
burning man in the house of charm
chemical to the mouth but not to the arm
my tastes spinning out of control
your face two eyes with a whole
suicide watch, king of the strippers
glorified hookers smash your gl-ss slippers
nothing can tempt me, everyone empty
i get high on the road when they let me
trade craftwork off exotic substance
some want to carve out my heart still love this
i’m trying to hurt myself, still smoking
but i’m a afraid of blood won’t cut my wrist open
told you that i loved you, i was just joking
you can’t hurt my heart it’s been broken


- swollen members