temptations – just another lonely night 歌詞


seems to come so slow
how i need this warming glow

foolishly, i’ve made you cry
confident, you never say goodbye
darling, that’s the reason why

that even in a crowd, laughing out loud, i’m lonely
for i love you only and without you
every night’s just another lonely night

(just another)
tears are falling from my eyes
i’m calling
(just another)
out your name, tearful sigh

how i pray it’s not too late
all my life for you i wait
just call me i won’t hesitate
for when you left you took the best of me

i love you, can’t you see?
since you’ve been gone
every night’s just another lonely night

(just another)
since you’ve been gone my life is so lonely, baby, baby
it’s just a
(just another)
even my sun is hoping

(just another)
oh, it’s all i need is you only
(just another)
i’m just no good without you, baby
i’m just a lonely, lonely

- temptations