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the derek trucks band – something to make you happy lyrics


i see the people
starvin’ in rags
i see my brother
lyin’ down with a pain
i hear the babies cryin’
to their father god
askin’ him why you lettin’ me born into this world
goodbye sorrow’s rain
i turned around
and i looked at you my darlin’
if we don’t stand together they’ll try to make us stand alone

it’s strange, it’s a wonder but it’s true
every time i look at you
there’s something i got to do

something to make you happy
come on just let me know
if there’s nothing to make you happy
just say the word and i’ll go

i see the battle lines
forming slowly
i see a silence fall
as the winners and the losers take their stand
i turned around
and i hear you call me darlin’
if we don’t spread love through the land
it’ll sure enough be dry


- the derek trucks band