the fray – ready or not 歌詞


ready or not
(originally by the fugees)

[chorus: lauryn hill]
ready or not, here i come, you can’t hide
gonna find you, and take it slowly
ready or not, here i come, you can’t hide
gonna find you, and make you want me

[erse one: wyclef]
now that i escape sleep walk away
those who convolate knows the world they hate
jails bars ain’t golden gates
those who fake they brake when they meet they four hundred pound mate if i could rule the world
everyone who have a gun and together of course we’d get the up in our their horse
i kick a rhyme drinking moon shine
i poor sip on the concrete, for the deceased
but no don’t weep, wyclef in a state of sleep
thinking about the robbe-ry that i did last week
money in the bag, bank a look like a drag
i wanna play with pelicans from here to bagdad
gun blast, think fast i think i’m hit
my girl pinch’s my hips to see if i still exist
i think not, i send a letter to my friends
a born again, hooligan only to be king again


[verse two: lauryn hill]

yo, i play my enemies like a game of chess
where i rest no stress if you don’t smoke cess, less
i must confess my destany’s manifest
to some gortex and sweats i make tracks like i’m homeless
rap orgies with porgie and bess
capture your bounty like eliot ness yes!
bless you if you represent the fu
but i hex you, with some witches vu if you do-do
voodo, i could what you do, easy!
believe me, frontin’ n-gg-z
gives me heebe-geebes
so why you imitatin’ al capone
i be nina symone and defacating on your microphone


[interlude: lauryn hill]
you can’t run away from these styles i got
oh baby, hey baby cause i got a lot oh yeah…
anywhere you go, my whole crew gonna know
oh baby, hey baby you can’t hide from the black gold no…

[verse three: pras]
ready or not, refugees taking over
the buffalo soldier, dread like rasta
on the twelve hour flyby in my bomber
crews went for cover now they under pushin’ up flowers
superfly, true lies do or dies
toss me high only profile with my crew from lacaille
i refugee from guatanamo bay,
dance around the border like i’m c-ssius clay


- the fray